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today in 6th period, it was pouring rain and I arrived late to class due to appreciating the rainfall. so when I finally walked in, I was dripping wet and the teacher gave me a dirty look and said that she was going to mark me tardy with a referral to the office and I point my finger at her and said “no” and THEN THUNDER CRACKLED AT THAT EXACT MOMENT AND THE POWER WENT OUT and just to freak out everyone, I whisper “666” and this girl screamed. 

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what if every single spider in the world was just replaced by a cat
i think that’s a world I would love to live in

but imagine finding a cat in your bath
just a wild cat in the bath

sounds good




what if every single spider in the world was just replaced by a cat

i think that’s a world I would love to live in

but imagine finding a cat in your bath

just a wild cat in the bath


sounds good

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☠ Survey

My group, in class, is conducting research and would love if tumblr users would take a moment to answer these questions.
thank you

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Save Flappy Bird! (SaveFlappyBird) on Twitter

It may be annoying, frustrating, but lets face it, we love it too

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Frozen’s message is not that girls don’t need a man to save us, or that girls  can save men, but that girls can save each other. 

and no, I’m not considering Brave when calling this the first Disney movie to do so, because although Merida is a Disney princess and Pixar is owned by Disney, Brave is still a PIXAR movie.

It’s also one of the few movies of this year that passes the Bechdel Test

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Coffee Ice Cream is odd, cause coffee is meant to be hot but Ice cream is cold.

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Flower gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what one was mine

Heal what has been hurt
Change the fates design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
what once was mine

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Reblog if you’re glad that you joined the fandom you’re in now.

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my mom’s like why are you awake at 3am and im like why are you so obsessed with me


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My mom and I went for a walk in town today as I was having a good day. I got tired and was sitting on a comfy chair in NEW LOOK while my mom was looking for shoes. This little girl kept staring at me and whispering to her mom and I was feeling all ¬ . ¬; hmmm

After a while, as her mom was looking at shoes this little girl came over to me and asked me why I wasn’t at the dream house… > . < naturally I was all ‘Sorry…’ and she proceeded to ask me where barbie was and Teresa… and said she liked all the weird faces I always made… … then it dawned on me this little girl thought I was Nikki from Barbie Life in the dream house… which I knew because I always use her gifs as emotions on tumblr. So I made a few faces for her.

Then she asked what I was doing… so I whispered ‘I am not meant to be here, but I am getting new shoes for Barbie because her wardrobe is so big she won’t be able to find her brightest pink ones in time to see Ken tomorrow… we walked for days… then I decided to buy a new pair and give to her… but it’s a secret!’

She was so happy, she turned around and said ‘Mom, it is Nikki!’ and ran away… and her mom smiled at me and they left.

And I was all,  T - T … now this little girl thinks barbie gets her shoes from New Look.

That is literally the cutest.


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Top 10 Halloween Movies  Corpse Bride

I’ve spent so long in the darkness, I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is.”

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Wolfsong - Toniko Pantoja. (x)


A mother wolf breaks into a hunter’s den and takes back her cub, only to find it a motionless trophy. She sings a lullaby hoping that the cub would finally sleep. Little does she know that a young hunter stalks them back from the den.”




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Wow! long over due 3 page comic commission for Lulu! I feel really accomplished that i finished this. The theme was friendship and i ended up making it a slight tribute to my group of friends whom i love and appreciate very much.

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#Tom Hiddleston in the afterlife

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